PGA Provides an Upset

So, remember in my Golden Globes rundown, when I went on that rant about how “The Social Network” was just going to win everything ever, and the only possible hitch left was a SAG upset for “The Fighter?” Yeah. Never mind.

I had kind of taken it as a given that Fincher’s film would claim victory at the Producers’ Guild Awards, considering the “The Social Network” made pretty good bank (close to $100 million) in addition to, you know, being really good. But, a total season sweep was not to be. Instead, the PGA went for “The King’s Speech.” All that “Social Network” vs. “King’s Speech” stuff that we discarded a couple months ago? We can bring that up again.

The PGA is particularly significant because its membership is one of the largest and broadest of the guilds; starting last year, they also switched over to the same 10-nominee, preferential ballot voting system that the Academy uses. Last year, the victory for “The Hurt Locker” at the PGA was the most telling sign that film would go on to Oscar glory. Will the same hold true this year? Are Academy members weary of “The Social Network” hype? Will they seek to assert themselves as in the good ol’ days of “Titanic” and “Crash?” Can you tell that last sentence made me gag just a little bit?

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