The Best Films of Our Lives is composed of film reviews and general cinematic musings of Ethan Gates, a graduate of Amherst College and NYU’s M.A. program in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation. This blog stretches far back into his college days as a critic for The Amherst Student, and in the mid-2010s he contributed film reviews to The New Republic and Diabolique. Frankly, he’s embarrassed by a lot of it in retrospect, but is leaving everything up because we all evolve, you know?

This blog also used to have a lot of ramblings about the Oscars, but after fleecing friends in various betting pools over the years, the fun’s gone out of that a bit.

Currently, he lives in Massachusetts and works in digital preservation for Yale University Library, and you can find his preservation and technology-related ramblings at his other blog, The Patch Bay, or in updates for the EaaSI program of work.


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