EMO Archive

A running collection of Ethan’s Makeshift Oscars, all in one place. Please be forgiving, I was in high school when this started.

  • The 2021 EMOs

    They’re back. After a concerted effort to “catch up” with 2021 movies by the time the Oscars rolled around, I didn’t quite make it – there’s still about eight left on my list, including a handful that got caught in the nether-zone of “too late to catch them in post-omicron theaters, still too early to … Continue reading The 2021 EMOs

  • The Never-To-Be-Discussed 2020 EMOs

    Look, I don’t have to get into it, but I didn’t exactly “keep up” with movies in 2020. You know why. But! I got there eventually, catching up with the weird and aborted list of festival and streaming titles that filled up “best of 2020” lists. Over a year after the fact, and with none … Continue reading The Never-To-Be-Discussed 2020 EMOs

  • The 11th Annual EMOs

    It’s that time again! Ethan’s Makeshift Oscars give me a chance to reflect on my year in film that was 2017. As always, to qualify, a film both had to be released in 2017, and I had to see it within the year as well (so, I still have a lot to catch up on … Continue reading The 11th Annual EMOs