Some Good Old-Fashioned Shyamalan Bashing

In his latest attempt to earn a negative rating on Rotten Tomatoes (currently sitting at 8%), M. Night Shyamalan unveiled this weekend his live-action, Caucasian-ized version of Nickelodeon’s anime hit, Avatar: The Las Airbender. Featuring slumming actors (Dev Patel, Cliff Curtis, Aasif Mandvi), last-minute 3D and crappy CGI, one has to wonder if we don’t have yet another high-profile flop in the making. The movie cost about $150 million; I suspect that it will make somewhere around $100 million back in the U.S. and then do well enough abroad for the studio to claim it was a success and allow Shyamalan to move on with his planned sequel. God, I hate myself for obsessing over this industry sometimes.

Anyway, crap movies like this always produce the most amusing critics’ reviews; I just wanted to link you guys to two of the most entertaining pieces of writing that I’ve seen all year, in A.O. Scott and Roger Ebert’s pans of The Last Airbender. Enjoy:

Scott at the New York Times

Ebert at the Chicago Sun-Times

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