EMO Archive

A running collection of Ethan’s Makeshift Oscars, all in one place. Please be forgiving, I was in high school when this started.

  • The 7th Annual EMO Awards

    Hello and welcome to the 7th Annual Ethan’s Makeshift Oscars – or the EMOs, for short – looking back on the year in film that was 2013. Qualifications for the EMOs are simple: the film must have been released in the U.S. in 2013, and I must have seen it (either in theaters, streaming, on … Continue reading The 7th Annual EMO Awards

  • The 6th Annual EMOs

    Welcome, one and all. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over half a decade now since I posted the first annual EMOs (Ethan’s Makeshift Oscars) as a lark to Facebook. But here I go again. A record number of films qualified for this year’s ceremony – 31 in all. In order to qualify, the … Continue reading The 6th Annual EMOs

  • 5th Annual EMOs – Winners and More Winners

    Thanks to everyone involved for yet another highly successful EMO Award ceremony. It really is the highlight of my year to stand around and make a bunch of jokes that only a handful of people understand. I really watch way too many movies. Anyway, yesterday I posted the nominations for Part 1 of the EMOs; … Continue reading 5th Annual EMOs – Winners and More Winners