EMO Archive

A running collection of Ethan’s Makeshift Oscars, all in one place. Please be forgiving, I was in high school when this started.

  • The 10th Annual EMOs

    It’s a big year – for the tenth time, I’m rolling out my annual awards for the Year in Movies gone by. On the one hand, I would like to pause and celebrate, not just the 35 films mentioned herein, but, self-indulgently, the EMOs themselves. Ten years of movies, ten years of jokes, ten years … Continue reading The 10th Annual EMOs

  • The 9th Annual EMOs

    It’s time for Ethan’s Makeshift Oscars – the ninth (ninth!) annual edition. The rules are the same as always: to qualify for nomination, a film had to be both released and seen (by me) in 2015. This year, 36 movies met those conditions, so there’s a lot to get through – let’s get right to … Continue reading The 9th Annual EMOs

  • The 8th Annual EMOs

    34 films. 17 different theaters, from New York to Bucksport, Maine, and Culpeper, Virginia. 3976 minutes (that’s over 67 hours). And way, way too much $$$$. That, in a nutshell, was my year in film, 2014. But this is more than a nutshell. This is Ethan’s Makeshift Oscars. So let’s get into it. As always, … Continue reading The 8th Annual EMOs