Three Years

So WordPress informs me that today is the three-year anniversary of the day I started The Best Films of Our Lives. Normally I wouldn’t care enough to make a note of that – I don’t find it particularly meaningful to celebrate that one time I got really bored sitting at home and decided to just start writing about how excited I was about “Inception.” But even if this blog didn’t have the most auspicious start (I’m pretty sure my readership that first summer consisted of the three close friends who had followed my previous blogging venture, Gates and Putin At the Movies), looking back I am proud of the steps I’ve made since then, both personal and professional.

On the first day of The Best Films of Our Lives, I was bumming around the Cleveland suburbs with no summer job – a couple weeks later, I had to return to the miserable post selling ice cream at the Cleveland Indians ballpark that I had so enthusiastically ditched the previous August. Three years later, I’m about to move to New York City in the hopes of getting a Master’s in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation from the Tisch School of the Arts. At the start, movies were my hobby; with a little luck (and two years of work) they’re on the verge of becoming my career. I can scarcely believe that things fell into place so smoothly. But I want to thank the fine readers of this blog: your support, even if it was just in helping those Page View statistics tick upwards, was a big help in letting me know that I was on the right track.

I don’t have any way to pay you back, of course, except to continue trying to make this blog as entertaining and informative as it can be. I have a few ideas for new features that I’ll hopefully start implementing in the next few weeks – I’d like to bring back some of the humor that went into Gates and Putin, for instance – but I don’t want to promise any kind of massive overhaul, considering the practical roadblocks up ahead of moving to the city and going back to school. But at the very least, if you promise to keep reading, I promise to keep writing.

I’ve been thinking about my title: The Best Films of Our Lives. Picking that name was just another throwaway moment in the creation of this blog three years ago, a vague attempt to be both clever and cultured. But I’ve come to really like it, not just as a title, but as a sort of mission statement: a personal search, through festivals and cineplexes and awards ceremonies and Hulu Plus and wherever else, to find the best films of our lives. And I’m quite pleased by the accidental choice of pronoun, because I want to include you in that search as well – even if I don’t love a film, you might. I want everyone to have as much fun with this beautiful, crazy medium as I do, and if I can assist in that in any way; well, it’s worth it.

Carry on!

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