Eddie Murphy Tapped to Host Oscars…No, Seriously

Raaargh, thesis proposals are frustrating and eat up my alloted blogging time slots. Of course, I suppose the thesis itself will be much worse on that count, so just be happy that I’m posting at all.

Anyway, the title of this post pretty much gives away what I was going to announce. AMPAS has officially confirmed that Eddie Murphy will be the host of the 84th annual Academy Awards ceremony. The move seems sort of out of left field until you recall that Brett Ratner is one of the show’s producers (like me, you probably keep trying to forget this fact). And Murphy just happens to be one of the stars of Ratner’s upcoming comedy-heist film, the oh-so-creatively titled “Tower Heist.” Indeed, one wonders why no one seemed to consider this possibility, especially since there was much speculation regarding Murphy’s co-star in the film, Ben Stiller. Oh, wait, that’s right: Eddie Murphy stopped being a reliable movie star about ten years ago.

Murphy’s recent cinematic crimes aside and the tackiness of Ratner’s shameful self-promotion aside, I find myself remarkably OK with this move. First of all, I welcome the return to a single comedian after last year’s hosting debacle (hereon out referred to as the Francopocalypse). Second, Murphy does have significant experience as a showman in front of a live audience (even if his “SNL” career was 25 years ago now). Third, it shows at least SOME attempt to innovate the show, rather than just falling back on Steve Martin or Billy Crystal, who would have been reliable and charming but still the same ol’, same ol’. It’s a fresh move, by Academy standards anyway.

I just pray to God Murphy doesn’t attempt any “Norbit”-esque bits where he plays multiple versions of himself.

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