Trailers of the Week: Attractive Young People Edition (Plus Frenchies)

By the way, is anyone else reeling from the fact that “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” is getting great reviews? Do I seriously have to go pay to see that movie now? My world doesn’t make sense any more.

In Time

Andrew Niccol, writer/director of the modern sci-fi classic “Gattaca” and writer of “The Truman Show,” has been conspicuously silent since 2005’s underrated “Lord of War” (also the last film in which Nicolas Cage resembled an actual person). His vision of a world governed by time rather than cash is a killer concept: not only does it make the gap between rich and poor startlingly urgent, but it allows him to populate his film entirely with young, hot actors (i.e. getting Olivia Wilde to play Justin Timberlake’s mother). Well played, sir. Well played.

Anyway, it’s difficult to tell from this trailer whether Timberlake will continue to be successful in his bid to become a reliable leading man. He nailed his role in “The Social Network” and has gotten positive reviews from “Friends with Benefits,” but then again we already knew from his SNL sketches that he had considerable comedic chops. Action hero is another matter altogether, and I have to say his demeanor is pretty convincing in this first look. I’m not really feeling the chemistry between him and Amanda Seyfried, though; their delivery in their scenes together seems really wooden, although the choppy editing of the trailer could very well be the culprit there. In any case, the involvement of Cillian Murphy and his sophisticated menace means I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on this one.

Like Crazy

The 22-year-old Anton Yelchin is one of those people who make me feel like I’ve done nothing with my life. This Sundance hit reportedly had audience members (particularly those involved in long-distance relationships) in tears. I can’t help but notice the thematic similarity to Lone Scherfig’s upcoming “One Day,” although the lack of Anne Hathaway attempting a British accent has me more intrigued by this project.

Point Blank

Have you seen Guillaume Canet’s 2006 thriller “Tell No One” yet? No? Go watch it. Right now. Stop reading. I’ll wait.

…OK? You see why this “Point Blank” movie has me excited? Sure, the creative team behind it is almost entirely different from “Tell No One,” but the playbook is the same: thrust an oblivious everyman into extenuating circumstances, propelled by a twisting narrative and ridiculously thrilling chase scenes. It’s the formula that made films like “North by Northwest” and “The Fugitive” genius, and the French seem to know what they’re doing with it. “Point Blank” director Fred Cavayé also made the critically acclaimed “Anything for Her,” which was re-made in America as the less-acclaimed Russell Crowe vehicle “The Next Three Days.”

By the way, if you HAVE seen “Tell No One,” do you know why the lead actor of “Point Blank” looks so familiar? That’s Bruno, aka the thug with a heart of gold, aka the coolest fucking character in that movie (and there were several to choose from). Yeah, I’m all for a movie that’s just Bruno fucking some shit up.

Also, this movie has no relation to the 1967 Lee Marvin film of the same name. Just in case you’re really up on your action classics.

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