Review: Captain America – The First Avenger

Chris Evans proves his mettle and punches out some Nazis as Captain America, the earnest hero of Joe Johnston's ("October Sky," "The Rocketeer") super-powered installment of the recent Marvel movie canon.

A review in song:

Oh say can you seeeeeee

By the Cosmic Cube’s liiiiight

Which the Reeeeeed Skull hunts down

He’s a reaaallly mean Nazi

But a kid from Brooklyyyn

Takes some cool mediciiiine

Was too weeeeeak to fight Fritz

Now he mows down the baddies

Stanley Tucci is heeeeeere

Hugo Weaving spreads feeeeear

Chris Eeeeeevans is jacked

Did you waaaaant something more?

Oh say, do VFX and some great actors make a movie?

Yes, it’s harmless summer fuuuuuuuuun

And “The Avengers” looks booooooooooooss


Verdict: 3 out of 4 stars

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