Trailer: One Day

Lone Scherfig’s follow-up to “An Education” (at least in the British romance plus two-word title department, no word yet on the borderline pedophilia) has finally gotten a rather run-of-the-mill schmaltzy trailer. I’m trying to look past the twin distractions of that god-awful narration and Anne Hathaway’s Masterpiece Theater accent, but I still find myself rather indifferent towards this one. Patricia Clarkson’s involvement keeps my hopes up, though, and it looks like Jim Sturgess could be hitting his stride as a leading man (though I still have to catch up with “The Way Back” at some point so I can pass judgment there). It reminds me a little of the similarly pedestrian trailer for “Love and Other Drugs,” which I hear from certain sources was quite underrated. We’ll see.

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