Trailer: Beginners

Of course, the giant list of anticipated 2011 titles that I posted last week is already outdated, as new projects emerge on the scene. Here’s a quite promising title from Focus Features about a man (Ewan McGregor, who seems to finally be enjoying the career renaissance he deserves) whose widower father (Christopher Plummer) reveals that he’s gay. Throw in my French crush (Melanie Laurent) making her first post-“Basterds” Hollywood film, and I’m certainly intrigued. “Beginners” is also the long-awaited follow-up by Mike Mills to his acclaimed, quirky debut “Thumbsucker,” and if he can mix the same kind of gray humor (I hesitate to quite call it “black,” but it’s certainly not “Juno,” know what I mean?) and mild, ultimately uplifting tragedy, he could have another moderate indie success on his hands.

2 thoughts on “Trailer: Beginners

  1. Ewan McGregor needs to work on the American accent, but I love him anyway. I’m intrigued, and we should go see it. However, I vote for Marion Cotillard over Mélanie Laurent for your French crush. Especially since you being with Mélanie Laurent does nothing for my chances with Guillaume Canet.

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