Trailer: The King’s Speech


My priority list for the rest of the season now goes something like this:

  1. The Social Network
  2. The King’s Speech
  3. Another Year
  4. The Illusionist
  5. True Grit
  6. Black Swan
  7. The Way Back
  8. Somewhere
  9. Never Let Me Go
  10. Blue Valentine
  11. 127 Hours
  12. Meek’s Cutoff
  13. The Town
  14. Made in Dagenham
  15. Biutiful

2 thoughts on “Trailer: The King’s Speech

  1. They’re so British! And adorable! And Colin Firth seems to fit the role so well, though I originally had problems seeing it. And Geoffrey Rush is crazy and awesome, as usual.

    In a word (or two): I’M EXCITED!!!

  2. Is it just me, or does Firth somehow look incredibly like Orson Welles in “The Third Man” at the 1:26 mark? Probably just the hat.

    Also, this trailer strikes me as kind of choppily edited upon repeated viewing. Still. I love Geoffrey Rush.
    “Art thou afeared?”

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