The Madness Soon Begins

There has really been absolutely nothing going on in the film world the past few weeks, hence the very sporadic updating. All that is about to change, however; on Wednesday, the Venice Film Festival kicks off, followed two days later by Telluride, and awards season is officially underway. I’ll celebrate things getting started on the Lido by offering up my first official predictions of the year on Wednesday, along with an update on the Contenders section. Hopefully I’ll also be able to start passing along information on the early reception of hotly anticipated films like “Black Swan” and “Somewhere.” Get pumped!

In other news, Blockbuster will officially be filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy next month. I greet this news fairly neutrally – with the exception of the 4 for $20 used DVD table at my local store, I haven’t frequented a Blockbuster years. Netflix is simply cheaper, more convenient, and got a better jump on using this mysterious Internet thing. But, it’s the end of an era all the same. It will be interesting to see where the rental industry goes from here. Are we heading for a completely digital distribution system?

Finally, a little more hilarity from the willfully self-deprecating folks over at “Piranha 3D.”

See you on Wednesday…

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