Trailer: Love and Other Drugs

So I haven’t been posting any reviews of anything for a while, although I do have a few things lined up. I’ve just been really exhausted from work, and will rectify that in the coming week. Meanwhile, to satisfy my insatiable readers, I offer up yet another preview of things to come this fall/winter. Director Edward Zwick has a history of almost-but-not-quite Oscar contenders (The Last Samurai, Defiance, Blood Diamond), and the awards prospects of his latest effort here look similarly uncertain. If nothing else, though, this does look like a promising entry in the romantic comedy genre, which hasn’t seen an even half-decent iteration since “500 Days of Summer.” Jake Gyllenhaal plays a charismatic Viagra salesman who finds his match in free spirit Anne Hathaway (gee, stop me if you’ve heard this one).

One thought on “Trailer: Love and Other Drugs

  1. Jake Gyllenhaal looks so much older!! I don’t know if I’m okay with this. Florian and I will have to go see this. You will come, of course. You have no choice.

    The world could use a good new romantic comedy or two. I’m sick of all this crap that’s been coming out. I demand a good love story. Now. I didn’t even love “500 Days of Summer” that much and I was willing to fall in love with it because of the dearth of other candidates (and the existence of its leading man, of course). Maybe this will help fill the void.

    Isn’t Anne Hathaway in another romance coming out this year? With Jim Sturgess? (Why does she get all the gorgeous men?)

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