Contenders Section Added

So, since we’re seven months out from the next Academy Awards ceremony, it’s mayyybe just a little early to make my first official predictions of the season. But I’m still starting to get that awards season itch, so I’ve gone ahead and added a feature I’ve been thinking about since I started this blog: at the top of the screen, you’ll now notice a “Contenders” tab. This section will be constantly updated to give you the Best Bets, Strong Contenders and Dark Horses in every major awards category. Hopefully, as the year progresses, this section will give you a sense of how the awards season is playing out, and give you an idea of some performances and movies to keep an eye out for (for those of you who have lived with me at college the past two years, you’ll recognize this as the electronic version of my blackboard chart). Just the major 6 categories for now: Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress, but I’ll be working my way down the other categories in the next couple days. Enjoy.

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