I’m Gonna Call Bullshit

So, the trailer for the sequel to last year’s surprise zero-budget horror blockbuster Paranormal Activity debuted this week in front of various premieres of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Reports are flowing in that the Twi-hards found this trailer so terrifying, the teaser will be pulled from all future showings. So you have an idea of what we’re talking about, examine the trailer for yourself:

Are you cowering in terror? No? What’s that you say? There’s nothing that could even remotely be called terrifying about this trailer? How funny, because that’s pretty much the exact same reaction that I had.

Creepy? Sure. Jolting? Even that would be generous, but OK. But piss-your-pants terrifying? WTF?

We have two options to consider here. First, that the reasoning behind the pull is completely fabricated, a marketing ploy attempting to recapture the audience anticipation created by the first film’s viral campaign. Second, Twilight fans are even bigger pansies than previously thought. I do not rule out either possibility.

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