OK, This Is Just Getting Pathetic

According to reports, officials from the EPA met today with director James Cameron, among other real scientists and experts, to brainstorm solutions for the ongoing oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. Cameron is apparently considered an expert on “underwater filming and remote vehicle technologies,” I presume after his work on Titanic.

This news comes after a report a few weeks ago that officials planned to implement special oil separation cylinders that actor-director Kevin Costner began developing during the production of his disastrous 1995 aquatic adventure flick, Waterworld.

Really, people? This is our back-up plan? Go to famous Hollywood film directors and ask them if they have any bright ideas? I mean, good for Costner and Cameron if they can do anything to help, but it’s unbelievably sad that we have to turn to them. This whole disaster has gone beyond the point of tragedy and moved into the absurd. I’d like to think a BP boycott would be an appropriate response, but honestly, I highly doubt ANY of the oil companies are any better prepared for such a crisis.

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