More Trailers: The Killer Inside Me and The American

We’ve got trailers and release dates for two more films that, like Nowhere Boy, failed to make my Top 25 Most Anticipated list but are still very much intriguing.

The Killer Inside Me is based off a seminal noir novel published by Jim Thompson in 1952. The film reportedly remains faithful to the extreme sadomasochistic violence of the book, earning itself a storm of controversy; a number of people even walked out of its screening at the Berlin Film Festival in protest earlier this year. However, many of the objections I’ve seen seem more of a stand on principle than based on the specific circumstances of the film, so take this “controversy” with a grain of salt. Casey Affleck looks superb, but it’s always difficult for audiences to embrace a performance when the character is so deeply disturbed and disturbing, no matter how talented the actor. Limited release on the 18th of June.

Clooney possibly making another run at a Best Actor nomination, although it’ll generally take something exceptional for the Academy to get over its genre bias against thrillers. The second feature from director Anton Corbijn, who garnered a lot of praise for his debut Control, which I have yet to catch up with. Looks to have a certain visual flair, if nothing else. Released on September 1.

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